Cities of the future that use 5G technology will increase public exposure to EMF pollution

Verizon recently reiterated plans to launch 5G internet service in the United States by the end of 2018, equipping so-called “Smart Cities” with the latest and greatest data speeds to date. But the dangers associated with 5G electromagnetic frequency (EMF) pollution continue to be ignored, despite growing evidence to suggest that many people will incur serious harm from exposure to it.

5G, short for “fifth generation,” will greatly expand the range of microwave radiation used by consumer devices, including higher-end gigahertz range frequencies that have never before been publicly deployed. These frequencies travel much shorter distances than current 3G and 4G technologies and don’t penetrate buildings as well; but the places where they can reach will be much more saturated in EMF radiation.

The antennas that deliver 5G will also have to be much more plentiful and invasive in order for the network to function, requiring an estimated one million new base stations per carrier. This means that between Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint, Americans can expect to be bombarded with at least four million additional EMF radiators plastered throughout their neighborhoods – the long-term exposure to which remains largely unknown.

It’s all happening in the name of “progress” – but if 5G is so wonderful as its purveyors claim, then why are some legislators pushing new laws that would make it difficult, if not impossible, for local communities to “opt out” of the program? Senator John Thune, a Republican from South Dakota, reportedly introduced a bill recently, known as the “Mobile Now Act,” or S.B. 19, that would eliminate community say in where new cellular antennas are placed.

This means that Verizon would be allowed to legally place a 5G antenna on the light pole right outside of your house, and you’d have no say in the matter. This is problematic as 5G technology has been scientifically shown to harm human life by causing things like insomnia, nosebleeds, and even stillbirths.

Is 5G really about “convenience” and “progress,” or is it about control and depopulation?

The goal is to connect every single “Smart” device in the world, including newfangled microwaves, refrigerators, and even toothbrushes equipped with Wi-Fi technology, to the 5G control grid. And the only way this is possible is to have 5G antennas everywhere – meaning humanity in the very near future won’t be able to avoid them.

Proponents of 5G claim that it’s all about improving energy efficiency and making people’s lives more convenient. But the truth is that it’s about collecting mass amounts of private data that can be sold to marketers for untold billions of dollars. Some say that 5G is also about depopulation, seeing as how it’s an absolute health nightmare.

The National Toxicology Program (NTP) invested $25 million to study the nature of EMF radiation with the aim of proving that all mobile phone radiation is safe. What it ended up finding is that even primitive technologies like 2G can cause DNA damage and brain cancer – suggesting that much stronger 5G emitted from far more towers will be exponentially worse.

“If you search ‘EMF science’ you will find abundant research that shows sperm damage and negative effects on immune, endocrine, cardiac, and nervous system functioning,” explains “This is why many people are now experiencing symptoms, such as headaches, tinnitus, and sleep disturbance, when overexposed to wireless technology.”

Concerned citizens are encouraged to contact their local and state officials to urge better protections and more research into 5G technology. You can also warn others about the dangers of EMF radiation and encourage them to take action.

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